Thursday, May 29, 2008


Shazana is someone who gets easily lost in todays fast paced life... someone who wants to stop for a while&watch life moves... someone who wants to appreciate life,persons and everything which is close to her... yet, she still want to go to some place real far, she want to do something so big and she always want to accomplish something so great,

This is her journey of a lifetime...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's madness!

This morning with just 4 days left before our departure, I have received not very good news which blatantly struck me. But I am determined enough. This idea might be insane or cuckoo enough...but no matter what I'll proceed.After all it's madness for me to give up on my efforts just because some of them can't make it.

Obviously, I am tired of waiting for others, for not being able to do things just because I have to wait for them, for keeping the frustration bottled up and for abandoning each and every wildest dream of mine simply because others are busy and again I'm stuck here waiting…forever.

And for that, enough with all the time that I had wasted on waiting. If you failed to reach me next time, it simply because I might be busy, trying to catch back with what I have missed. You might not be able to see me waiting anymore. I'll moved on and I'll just do whatever that I want to do as I believed 20 years from now, I will be more disappointed by the things I didn't do than by the ones that I did.

Starting from today, I will throw off the bowlines. I'll sail away from the safe harbor...I will go far and reach a lot...I'll Explore, Dream High and I'll Discover each and every inch of this Universe.

I'll appreciate it if you too could share this dream. Let's aim for the moon, even if we miss, it will land among the star. Isn’t it beautiful?!=)

Wajah itu...jiwanya riang

My day is simply beautiful. Convocation day..a big day for my friends.Seeing their faces glows with happiness makes me fell good. I am happy for them. It is a long journey for us. To be with them on this day, it is an honor for me. For Saiful, Chaos, Elly, Fido, Pieja, Kak Ira, Kak Wawa and lots more congratulation on your graduation day! You have all the right to celebrate as today is absolutely yours=)

Monday, May 26, 2008

My very first entry

I always want to write but I never have a talent in writing.But lately, there's lots of things happened and revolved around me that makes me want to write about it. I guess it is just about time for me, to not allowing my inability to write beautifully as a setbacks for me to create this blog and lets my thought flow. So please forgive me for any grammatical error which might irritate you.